Does my medical insurance cover a visit?2020-05-25T13:36:36+01:00

Laya and Irish life Health members may claim a portion of the cost back depending on your health insurance plan. It’s best to check with your health care provider.

How do I make an appointment?2020-05-25T15:04:54+01:00

Call Ger on 086 1578484 or email info@gdtherapyclinic.ie

What should I wear to my appointment?2020-05-25T15:22:24+01:00

Depending on the injury, its best to bring a shorts and tee shirt.

How long does each session last?2020-05-25T15:23:32+01:00

Depending on the type of treatment, sessions last up to an hour. Laser and ShockWave Therapy are fast acting treatments and will take considerably less time.

How many visits will I need?2020-05-25T15:24:36+01:00

This varies depending on each individual case. After assessment, we will discuss the appropriate plan of treatment with the client.

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