Thanks Ger for all the treatments over the last few months. I have had many injuries over the past year, especially to my hip. I have found you as a therapist, to be as good as the top physical therapists I have been to throughout my career in England.

I would definitely recommend Ger to anybody with any type of injury or for massage, especially in the area of sports.

He is thorough and professional in his work.

Stephen Hunt, Irish & International Soccer Player

Running & Racing take their tolls on the human body ; for those living in the Wexford Environs Ger Dempsey is brilliant at his work and your legs will definitely thank you for your next visit.

Ger comes with a running background himself (completing the 39.3 mile Connemara Ultra Race in 2011) and is always very attentive to his client. Happy Running !

Shane James Whitty, Whitford House Hotel, Wexford

Players from Oylegate / Glenbrien GAA Club have used the Frequency Specific Microcurrent facility under the supervision of Ger Dempsey.

Players found the treatment helped to reduce swelling and soreness and that they could return to training sooner than normal.

Mick Morrissey, Enniscorthy - Runner

Having suffered from a severe lower back-pain caused by sciatica (a trapped-nerve in my back) for over a year I attended physio specialists regularly with limited success.

I attended two sessions with Gerard Dempsey in Enniscorthy and the pain was gone. I only realised after a few weeks that the pain had disappeared completely a 100% success.

I have no hesitation in recommending treatment from Ger Dempsey to successfully eliminate back pains.

John Chapman, Enniscorthy

Following a car accident, I suffer from time to time with severe muscle spasm in my mid thoracic region. As can be expected, the immobility and pain during these muscle spasms is debilitating.

On previous occasions having suffered, I was sent to hospital and examined only to receive muscle relaxant injections, coupled with strong pain killers. My last occasion hit with a muscle spasm, I contacted Ger Dempsey, who kindly accommodated seeing me as quickly as possible. Following a thorough examination of the affected region, Ger used FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent), which was surprisingly comfortable. Having struggled to walk into the treatment room on arrival, once the session was complete, I could stand comfortably upright. This was a great relief to me, with no need for any strong pain killers. As a mother of two toddlers, this was so important that I remain mobile. I proceeded with a follow up appointment two/three days later for more FSM treatment, and three months on, thankfully no reoccurrence of any discomfort.

Also, Ger performed trigger point technique on my shoulders. I explained that I suffered a lot from headaches. This treatment, though uncomfortable at the time, was well worth the effort. It has made a big difference, eliminating the tension headaches.

All in all, I highly recommend Ger Dempsey to keep anyone injury free. His manner is amiable and his attitude to his profession is impressive.

Helen T. Martin, Enniscorthy